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DBGO is a P2P program that is fully compatible with other P2P servers.
With DBGO, you can search the Internet for shared files to download in all formats, including videos, documents, http://img.dbgo.com/global, etc.
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Main Features

Leading P2P program
DBGO is proud to be Korea셲 most powerful P2P application, supporting eDonkey and eMule, and capable of high-speed file transfers and high-capacity data downloads.
Supports high-speed file transfers
DBGO supports high-speed file transfers. Provided that the user has a good Internet connection, transfer speeds can be increased significantly.
In addition, search results for high-speed and normal files are categorized separately, enabling DBGO users to download files more easily.
Convenient 3-tier organization
By providing a 3-tier organization that shows the download status of high-speed files, normal files and current files separately, the files that are currently being transferred can be checked more easily.
DBGO is 100% free to use
Other solutions, such as Webhard or commercial P2P programs, have per-use charges or subscription fees, DBGO is 100% free and has no charges whatsoever. Feel free to use DBGO.
Maintaining the newest engine through regular updates
DBGO automatically updates itself on a regular basis, ensuring that users can enjoy fast and stable downloads.
Specifications for installation
- OS : win98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista
- Recommended Hardware : Pentium 3
  (or higher)
- Browser: IE 5.0 (or higher)
Free Download
Main Functions
- Windows OS Support (Window 98, me,
  2000, XP, vista)
- Fully compatible with eDonkey, and eMule
  servers worldwide
- Kademlia Server Support
- High Speed Download Support
- Split-screen UI shows search and download
  status on a single screen
Customer Service Center

E-mail: info@dbgo.com